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The vineyard :

Grande Champagne 1st Cru

Grape: 100% Ugni Blanc

Soil: Limestone Clay

Farming: Sustainaible vineyard

Area: 7 hectares

carte cognac
Raisin lumiere


Pierre de Segonzac uses two traditional pot stills in copper of 18 and 25 hectoliters, the ideal size to obtain the finest eau-de-vie.

The procedure of heating use is called “soft” with distillation on fine lees.

To obtain a unique a unique taste after distillation cut are made manually by nose


The Cellar

The eau-de-vie aging is a crucial step on the elaboration process of the Cognacs. Pierre de Segonzac has several storages cellars with different technical characteristics to optimize the quality of the Cognacs.

Vieille serrure
VSOP en service

The blending


Cognac is the result of the blender’s art. Pierre has acquired skills in the art of blending ever since he was a child.

The genius and skill of Pierre de Segonzac lies in the artful way he combines the various Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie so as to make the most subtle and harmonious blend. Pierre de Segonzac Cognac is only bottled and shipped on order.


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